Results - Event 1 2013

Results have been slightly adjusted as our finish clock might have been a bit fast (only the points have been adjusted, based on our finish clock being 1:45 too fast). If there are any other issues with the results please send us an email describing the problem along with your team name and we will attempt to resolve it.

Foot Results

NameTimeGradeTotal ScorePointsPenalty
Mike Plank60:05M123012300
William Richardson63:48M1090115060
Greg Campbell60:51M9509500
Finn & Dad61:33M8708700
Alister Metherell59:08M8508500
Andrew McGowan60:42M8308300
Connor Cleary60:22M8308300
Jean Cory Wright56:39W8008000
Katie Cory Wright56:39W8008000
Rob & David63:43M79083040
Stephen John60:36M7607600
Kate Pedley61:07W7307300
The Ori-o's58:04W7207200
Wayne Millow62:17M71073020
Vivien Bloor59:11W7107100
Rachel Simons58:07W7007000
Chris Middlemiss56:23M6906900
Gordon Smith62:05M69071020
Naomi Cressy61:03W6806800
Amy Horn61:04W6806800
Cashmere High School59:41M6406400
Emma Newman60:18W6306300
Gordon Thrower54:46M5905900
Jenni Blyleven57:41W5805800
Team GG's57:42W5805800
Martin Etherington58:26M5705700
Outdoor Antics58:33X4804800
Extreme & Exhausted67:06M470590120
Dominic Cleary58:38M4704700
Knife Fork Spoon60:08W4704700
Might Finish57:15M4504500
High Voltage63:38W45049040
Trev Merrifield62:27M41043020
Liz Millow64:00W33039060
Team Mandarin70:13W300480180
Pinapple Lumps59:34X2802800
JJJ & the Retards64:04X25031060
The Eventide Venturers57:47X2202200
Lynne John65:50W210310100


MTB Results

NameTimeGradeTotal ScorePointsPenalty
Sam Janssens61:37M9909900
Elisha Nuttall60:15M9809800
Neil Scarlett64:05M970103060
Dave Armstrong66:46M760880120
Martin O'Brien60:59M7107100
George Richardson60:28M6306300
Andi and friends61:32X6106100
Deb Bain60:46W6106100
Kath Copland66:30W580680100