Each race is a one hour rogaine which works like this:

Shortly before the start at 7pm, competitors will be given a map of the forest showing all the controls (checkpoints) set out amongst the trees. Each control is worth a certain amount of points: 30, 40, 50,... right up to 90 or 100 points for some controls. Competitors choose which ones they visit, with the aim being to amass as many points as possible, and return to the Start/Finish area within the 60 minutes allowed. 20 points are deducted for every minute a competitor is late back and all points are lost if they are late by 15 minutes or more.

Controls will be on a mixture of tracks and in the forest/open. 

Gear required is simply a compass and a headlamp (the brighter the better).

Series Rules

1) The series result is the addition of each competitors score over all 3 events. Any breaking of rules/safety instructions may result in removal from the series results & prizes. 

2) Children under 14 must have a 16+ yr old with them.

How to use SPORTident Electronic Punching

The SPORTident electronic timing system is used regularly at major Orienteering events in NZ. Instead of competitors carrying a paper control card and manually punching their card at each control they visit, they instead carry an SI-stick which they insert into the SI unit at each control. The SI-stick records the control number and time visited. After the competitor "punches" the "finish" SI unit at the end of their course, the information on their SI-stick can then be downloaded to computer and a printout made showing the controls visited, time visited, split times between controls and total elapsed time. Of course the computer can then tell if the correct controls have been visited and if they were visited in the correct order.

SPORTident Cards

If you have hired a SPORTident card this will be issued to you at Registration. Please insure that you return the card when you have completed the sprint event. OR if not competing in the sprint, at the completion of your middle distance course. If you fail to return your card you may be charged the purchase cost of a new SI stick of $50. Each SI-stick has an individually unique number, so remember to take YOUR SPORTident stick to the start with you. The number of the stick corresponding to you on the entry list will be checked at the start. If you have any issues with the number not corresponding, or if the number has changed please see the people who are working on registration before you head to the start.

Attach the SI-Stick to yourself

The SI-Stick comes with a finger loop which can be adjusted to fit any finger you wish to use. With the SPORTident system you cannot write your control descriptions down onto your punch card as per usual. Control descriptions will be available at the start and will also be printed on the maps. If you want the separate control descriptions you will need to find a way of attaching them to yourself somehow. Before you start, Clear and Check. At the "pre-start" you will see two SI units set up with "Clear" and Check" labels. The SI-sticks have a limited memory so they need to be emptied before each event. The "Clear" unit will do this. The "Check" unit confirms that after clearing, your SI-stick is working OK.

What happens at a control?

When at a control you place the end of your SI-stick into the hole on the top of the unit. The unit has a small red light that will flash and/or will emit an audible "beep" so that you know it has recorded your visit. Make sure at least one of these happens otherwise you will be down as missing that control.

What happens if the control unit doesn't work?

Occasionally these units fail. If the light doesn't flash and there is no sound then please tell the helpers at the finish. If we receive many reports of the same control not working then we can credit the points to teams that can prove they visited the correct location.

What happens at the finish?

At the finish you must punch the finish control box to finish your course. Your total time will be taken from this punch. You then need to proceed (in your own time!) to the download computer. At the computer you will be asked to punch a download box and you will be given a printout of your total time, as well as your split times for each control. After downloading you will need to hand the SI unit back. Adapted from an article on SI on MTBO