Overall Results 2016

Preliminary results are now available. This will checked and updated with split times later. Any corrections should be sent to info@nightnav.org


NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Total
Katie & Jean Cory-Wright5901130-1720
Me & Her430980-1410
Jan Harrison390970-1360
Vivien Bloor-9204401360
The Dags-8504301280
Not over the hill-1160-1160
Anna Maxey Lochhead Sally-1130-1130
Liz Millow-700290990
I Don't Know-960-960
Sarah & Pip-910-910
The Krankies-780-780
Julie-Anne Christy-730-730
CGHS Geo Geeks--710710
Claire & Lucy-700-700
Kate Pedley--650650
The Ori-o's--620620
Pink Puffas-600-600
Slow Lane-570-570
No Pain No Rogaine--530530
The Lost Girls--260260
Nikki Wheaton--100100


NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Total
Robert Jarvis89016209803490
Al Cory-Wright470166010803210
Sam Janssens75015808603190
Philipp Suellrop-171010302740
Callum Cleary10201710-2730
Alister Metherell65013007502700
Mark Houwers-12709402210
William MacManus3509206501920
Team Awol-14604601920
Phill Wallis-11107901900
Levi Hibbert-1710-1710
Jarrod Cook-10606501710
Cameron Kerr-1680-1680
Ian Huntsman-10605401600
Dominic Cleary800-7601560
Daniel Barnfield-1540-1540
Wayne Millow-10602601320
Thomas Chabance-1300-1300
Brian Wilson Fokkens Anthony-1020-1020
Toby Tscherry Mark Henwood-1020-1020
Richard Smith-930-930
Mike Plank-910-910
Stu Doughe-830-830
Boris De Bouck--830830
Brian Wilson--780780
Mark Adams--760760
Chris,Steve Bamford-710-710
Paul Yeoman--610610
George's Bday--570570
George Richardson--550550
Will Bowman--480480
Sarwan Chand460--460
Marcus Diprose400--400
Shaun Palmer--330330
Connect Cleary270--270
Gain Train--120120
Angus Lawson, Angus Steven100--100


NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Total
Calvin Watson Kate Feisst-12307101940
Cashmere High-1710-1710
Let's Try it!-1100-1100
Natalie Irving Struan Webb-1090-1090
Slow bush masters-1060-1060
Duo Possum-1050-1050
Annabel & Marcus Diprose-960-960
Third Wheel-870-870
Elliot Kennedy Ali Burrell630--630
Cat and I-520-520
Connor Lindsay Libby Malthus480--480
Leah, Simon Woods--430430
Lucy, Kirstie, Jed--360360
Adrian, Wendy, Kimba--330330
Biggie Smalls--170170
Team USA-90-90
Cat Plus 2--00

Mtb Men

NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Total
Conal Boland-Bristow-148013602840
Dave Armstrong71095010902750
Try Hards-8907901680
Terry Hodgson--11501150
Graeme Read--10401040
Ross Fitzgerald-690-690
Magic's Team-530-530

Mtb Women

NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Total
Vivienne Prince73010205302280
Carey Lintott Nicole Symans-6008401440
Deb Bain-1010-1010
Hilary Munro Rachel Baker--670670
Josie Boland-660-660