Results - Event 1 2016

Results from Event 1 at Spencerville

Preliminary results from event 1. Click on the team/person name to view the split times.

Mountain Bike

TeamFinal ScoreCourse
Vivienne Prince730Mountain Bike
Dave Armstrong710Mountain Bike


TeamFinal ScoreCourse
Callum Cleary1020Foot
Robert Jarvis890Foot
Dominic Cleary800Foot
Sam Janssens750Foot
George's Bday670Foot
Alister Metherell650Foot
Elliot Kennedy Ali Burrell630Foot
Jean, Katie Cory-Wright590Foot
Connor Lindsay Libby Malthus480Foot
Al Cory-Wright470Foot
Sarwan Chand465Foot
Me, Her, Someone Else430Foot
Marcus Diprose400Foot
Jan, Sophie Harrison390Foot
William MacManus350Foot
Connect Cleary270Foot
Angus Lawson, Steven100Foot